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Viking Spa Features:

Viking Spas at Pelican Hot Tub Shops in NJ & PA

  • The Shell

    Made of a virtually indestructible thermoplastic, our High Density Polyethylene is impervious to delamination seen when acrylic is either backed by fiberglass or a differing material rigidizer like ABS. Blistering or cracking are also not evident in our product. Our revolutionary HDPE shell is to the spa industry what the invention of plastic bottles were to the soda industry. Or for that matter what fiberglass was to the auto industry to prevent rusting in automobiles. Products made with HDPE range from containers to children's toys. HDPE is in virtually every industry because of its durability and value. Therefore, Viking is pleased to be the leading producer of HDPE spas to the spa industry.

  • The Plumbing

    Viking is proud of its relationship with WaterwayTM. Where many spa manufacturers now use jets manufactured in China that have "similar" design characteristics to WaterwayTM, the simple fact remains that the dependability and quality of WaterwayTM is phenomenal. Working with this leader in the spa industry, Viking has balanced it's plumbing system to provide unrivaled power behind every jet.

  • The Cabinet

    Our investment into molds and tooling to produce our cabinet panels have given Viking the edge on our competition. No longer reliant on glue and staples to hold together panel boards, our one piece injection molded panel provides years of carefree maintenance.

  • The Power System

    Once again, Viking has turned to the best power pack provider in our industry, BalboaTM to supply all our power systems. Matched with WaterwayTM Executive Series Pumps, our power system is backed by two of the oldest suppliers in the industry. Longevity breeds quality and care. And that is evident in a complete power system offered in every Viking and Destiny River spa.

  • Indirect LED Lighting

    New to the spa industry and patented by Viking Spas is our "indirect lighting" approach to our LED lighting feature. Indirect lighting means that when consumers are sitting in a Destiny River Spa the glare from the light will not be in the direct line of sight. Hidden by various ridges and molded grab rails the user inside the spa is treated to a nice glow that is gentle to the eyes yet still providing a great degree of ambiance.

  • LED Lighted Cupholders

    Another great patented feature to our Destiny River line in which we have installed an LED light in our cup holders to marvelously emit light that will make any clear cup glow in the night. Imagine enjoying this feature on the first night as you ease into the spa with your favorite beverage.

  • Executive Series Pumps by Waterway

    The volume of water that Waterway Executive Series Pumps produce is by far the heart of your Viking "experience".  These pumps were designed to produce great flow while running much cooler than other competitive pumps found in our industry.  This dependability matched with the many decades of experience prove that it all starts with the pump.

  • Soothing! Cascading Waterfall

    Because of the ridge that is directly below the waterfall feature in our spas, when the air is turned down the waterfall will gently fall onto the ridge and then cascade down into the spa. Both aesthetically pleasing to the eye, as well as, providing a soothing sound of water trickling down the shell, this feature is just one more subtle difference that makes Viking/Destiny River spas a well thought out spa.

  • Comfort! Reclining Ergonomic Seating

    The ergonomic comfort of all our spas is readily enjoyed as soon as you relax in our form fitting seats. Far too often many seats are too straight and uncomfortable. Viking & Destiny River spas allow users to enjoy spacious comfort. Designed to accommodate just about every body shape, you will be hard pressed to find a seat they don't immediately fall in love with.

  • Stainless Steel Jets!

    Our Stainless Steel jet feature adds beauty and design to most of our line.  Accented with black spires, our stainless steel jets shimmer and shine as they reflect light.

  • High-Density Polyurethane 2 lb. Density Foam

    is the highest efficiency foam of any insulation on the market. Viking Spas fully insulates all plumbing inside the cabinet making them super energy efficient for lower utility bills. We use a 2 lb. density foam with an R-7 rating per inch of foam.  Our foam is supplied by a BASFtm who have been our supplier for well over a decade with steller dependability and long lasting life.

  • Corona Discharge Ozone

    The most powerful oxidizer available! Ozonated spas keep spa water cleaner for longer periods of time and help to reduce chemical use and knock down "chlorine/bromine" odor.

  • Jensen Stereo

    Listen to your music in your spa your way. Sparing no expense Viking has teamed with Jensen Marine to create a stereo specifically designed for a "hot tub environment". This top-of-the-line marine grade stereo features AM/FM/CD Receiver, AUX MP3 input, Sirius Satellite Radio Ready, 40 Watts per channel, Rubber Coated buttons and much more. Adding a stereo to your Legend or Heritage spa adds even more to an already unbelievable soak.

  • MP3 Jensen Stereo

    An option in our Supreme Series Spas & Legacy, the Jensen MP3 system allows one to use their MP3 player and play the music they want to hear through high performance speakers!

  • Reflectix

    Energy costs are on the top of all our minds. Consider adding Reflective to your Viking Spa for added peace of mind and R-value. Reflectix insulating wrap harnesses all of the thermal gain from the pumps and heater inside the spa cabinet, while reflecting the colder air away from the exterior elements - thus heating the spa shell and water-saving money on your energy costs.

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