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  • How much energy will my hot tub use and how can I help reduce that cost?

    Most manufactures will agree that the average cost to run a hot tub will vary between $1 and $5 per day. Many factors including weather, insulation, location, usage, energy costs and even the cleanliness of your filter cartridge will affect how efficient you hot tub will be. Here are some tips that might save you lots of money when using or buying your Hot tub.

    If you live in a climate where temperatures dip into the teens and single digits during the winter, efficient insulation should be a critical concern to you because of the cost related to running your hot tub. Even if thermal insulation is not one of your primary concerns, you should know a well-insulated hot tub can run much quieter too.

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    Types of Insulation

    Your Cover is the most important Insulator. There is one very simple principal that every spa owner needs to know "Heat Rises "—that's why we insulate the attics in our homes. The same principle applies to your Hot tub. Many hot tubs have well-insulated shells, cabinets and equipment areas but a flimsy or ill-fitting cover is letting up to 85% of heat directly out of the spa. Every manufacture and dealer will claim that their spas are the best insulated and most efficient around. It is important to do some research in this area so you can choose a spa that will not cost a fortune to heat. There are two basic methods of insulating, thermo-pane and full foam.

    Thermo-pane is when the spas cabinet is insulated, leaving a warm air space around the shell and plumbing. Full foam completely covers the shell and plumbing in a thick layer of expanding foam insulation. Each has its own advantages, and if done right will work very well. Thermo-pane is more expensive to manufacture correctly, however it can be very cheap to do poorly. Many, many lower end spas will use just a thin layer of insulation, with no consideration for air gaps and cracks that let cold air blow right into the cabinet.

    These can be very expensive to operate in winter, costing several times more to heat then a properly insulated spa. Full foam while a bit more expensive offers extra protection. Not only does the expanding foam insulate the spa very well it also helps to keep hoses and plumbing from moving around and eventually leaking.

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    Air Valves

    Air valves are incorporated into most modern hot tubs . They act as a Turbo boost for the jets to give a more forceful message. The energy impact will be minimal during bathing sessions, but remember to shut-off air and water lights when the spa is not in use.

  • Air Blowers

    Powered air blowers used to be popular, but have fallen into disfavor. If you are buying an new spa, we highly recommend not buying one with an air blower motor. Not only are they loud (sounding like a vacuum cleaner!) air blowers consume a lot of energy, and will actually lower the water temperature rapidly, wasting even more.

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    Change Filters Yearly

    Clogged or worn-out spa filters will reduce the circulation of your spa water. This causes pump motor strain, and your heater element to perform less efficiently. Clean your filters with every water change, every 3 to 4 months with non-foaming Pelican filter cleaning compound. Replace annually to maintain your spa's peak performance. The result is both energy savings and cleaner water.

    When changing your spa's water, it's also a good idea to flush the plumbing system and heater element with Swirl away System Flush.

    This will help maintain unimpeded water flow and help keep your heater element working efficiently.

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