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Congratulations on the purchase of your new Coast Spa. Your spa is equipped with an Eco Clean Salt/Ozone System.   The Eco Cleans’ function is to introduce Ozone gas and bromine sanitizer in the water of the spa.  Both the ozone and bromine’s role is to assist you with keeping the water sanitary by destroying bacteria and other micro-organisms in the spas’ water.

  1. Fill spa and start as instructed in owner’s manual
  2. When spa warms to at least 80 degrees test water using test strips provided
  3. Balance PH, alkalinity and minerals according to instructions on each bottle using your test strips to make sure that the levels are correct.
  4. Set your filtration cycles to F6 as explained in your owner’s manual.  There are 5 possible filtration cycles you can choose from.  The difference between the cycles is the amount of time the hot tub will filter for in a 12 hour period.  See below for the cycles;
    1. F2 –  2 hours of filtration period every 12 hours (4hrs per day)
    2. F4  – 4 hours of filtration period every  12 hours (8hrs per day)
    3. F6  – 6 hours of filtration period every 12 hours (12hrs per day)
    4. F8 – 8  hours of filtration period every  12 hours (16hrs per day)
    5. FC  – the spa will run continuously for 24 hours
      The F=4 setting is for average use (3 or 4 half hour sessions per week) for more usage turn up the cycle to the next setting.
  5. Add bromine salt, four pounds to start
  6. Check for green light on Eco-clean control pack. The Eco Clean system uses a Red light / Green light system to let you know if the cell is functioning correctly.  If there is a green light the cell is functioning properly.  If there is a red light the cell is not functioning correctly or doesn’t have enough bromine salts. If a red light is still present add one more pound of bromine salt,   if after two hours you still do not have a green light, call your Dealer.  Please note that if the spa is not in a filtration cycle the system will not have any power source and therefore will have no light illuminated
  7. Turn eco clean adjustment dial to ½ open (that would be at about  the 1:00 position on the dial)
  8. Test spa water daily for the next week or so to make sure the system is sustaining a bromine reading. You may have to adjust the eco clean dial to produce the proper amount of bromine for your usage. If the dial is at full and you still need more bromine just increase the filtration cycle to the next level?
  9. Add non chlorine shock (SHO2X) after each heavy  use ( about a teaspoon will do) check and balance ph and bromine levels  often

Remember it is the responsibility of the operator to check the bromine levels of the spa and adjust accordingly to achieve proper balance.  If you notice that the bromine level in the spa is low you can manually add some sho2x   to the water or increase the amount of time the cell is generating by turning up the dial.    If the bromine levels are too high the operator should turn down the dial on the system or possibly reduce the filtration setting to one that will filter for a shorter period, for example from F4 to F2 .Remember it is always important to check the bromine levels of the spa prior to using the spa and that prolonged period of high bromine can be harmful to users’ health and the components of the spa.

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