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Eco Clean Salt System


The Eco clean salt water purification system is a semi automated, sanitation system specifically designed for portable spas up to 1000 gallons. Eco clean generates chlorine or bromine from a small amount of ordinary salt (Sodium Chloride, NaCl) or (Sodium Bromide NaBr ) . The amount of salt added is very low and below the typical taste level of most humans. Only one pound of salt per 100 gallons of water is all it takes to keep your water clean day after day
The chemical reaction caused by converting salt into chlorine or Bromine also benefits users by providing a softening effect on the water, leaving hair and skin feeling smoother and healthier than with traditional sanitizing products.


When installing and using this electrical equipment, basic safety precautions should always be followed, including the following
WARNING: To reduce the risk of injury does not permit children to use this product unless they are closely supervised
WARNING: Use this product only according to these instructions. Any modification or misuse of this product will void the warrantee
WARNING: Install Eco-clean system in accordance with all national and local electrical, plumbing, safety and other applicable codes
WARNING: Do not operate this product if damaged in any way
WARNING: Do not handle unit during chlorine production (visible bubbling)
WARNING: Leave cover open at least 30m seconds to allow trapped gasses to escape prior to use.
WARNING: Measure water quality parameters and adjust if necessary prior to each use.
WARNING: Chemical levels must be checked weekly and adjusted whether spa is in use or not.
WARNING: Unit must be disconnected from power source before performing any maintenance or troubleshooting operations
WARNING: If unit is nor working properly contact technical support immediately.

Water Preparation and Maintenance

It is important to properly maintain your spa for the health and safety of its users. Spas are unique in both size and usage patterns. Eco clean will significantly reduce the amount of spa maintenance required, but chemical check-ups including chlorine / Bromine levels and PH are recommended before each use. Proper water maintenance will prolong the life of eco clean and your spa.

The following table describes generally accepted optimum water chemistry for portable spas:

It is recommended that Chlorine / Bromine and PH levels are checked before each use, or at least once per week when not in use.

It is recommended that the spa is manually shocked (Sho2x Non chlorine shock) after high usage (example: after a party with multiple users), or weekly if spa is used frequently. Always leave spa circulating for several hours before re-testing.
Phosphates in the spa water will increase the demand for chlorine/bromine and will reduce the life expectancy of the generator. Remove Phosphates upon start-up and each month thereafter.

WARNING: Consistent chlorine levels above 5.0 ppm or low levels of PH may lead to corrosion of metal components in the spa.
WARNING: Consistently low levels of calcium hardness below 150 ppm may lead to spa equipment failure


Eco clean system can generate both Chlorine and Bromine. It all depends on which sanitizer the user prefers. Use Chlorine Salt if you prefer Chlorine generation and bromine salt if you prefer bromine


CHLORINE SALT (NaCl) : raise salt levels to 1500 to 2000 PPM (parts per million) About 3 lbs or until light on generator turns from red to green. Approved salts include "pool salt " made for salt water generator systems , canning and pickling salt from your local market, and some water softener salts that are 99% pure sodium chloride or better . These approved salts are generally available at pool and spa supply stores. Never use rock salt or salts that have more than 1% anti caking agents.

BROMINE SALT (NaBr) :Raise salt levels to 2500 to 3000 PPM (parts per million) About 4 lbs or until the light on generator turns from red to green. Please make sure the bromine salt you purchase is at least 99% pure or better ask your local pool dealer for assistance.
Simply pour the recommended amount of salt directly into the spa water to bring the concentration to the recommended level. Turn the spa jets on to help dissolve the salt. Warmer water will aid in dissolving the salt faster. If the water is cold it may take several hours for the salt to fully dissolve.


The Eco clean system will indicative the salt level is within the recommended range by showing a GREEN light WHILE IN FILTRATION MODE. The light is located just to the right of the adjustment dial on the eco clean control panel. If the light is red the salt level needs to be adjusted or the salt cell needs to be serviced. IF NO LIGHT IS PRESENT THE UNIT IS NOT IN A FILTRATION MODE SO THE INDICATOR LIGHT WILL BE BLANK.

IMPORTANT: it is important to occasionally check that the lights are indicating proper salt levels. Use test strips to test salt levels and adjust as needed. If levels are too high remove some water from the spa and replace with fresh water. If test strips show too low, add salt and re-test.

You can also see if the system is producing by observing the cell (located in the water protected by a cone shaped grid) . When the cell is producing you will see fine bubbles coming from the grid.

Check the owner's manual for instructions on setting filtration cycles on your spas control pad. For light usage (one or two people once or twice per week), a four hour filtration cycle is recommended. For heavier usage six hours will keep a better bromine reading


Selecting the right power levels for the Eco-clean requires some testing and adjustment. There are many factors that affect the sanitizing needs of a spa such as: Frequency of spa use, number of people, if there is an Ozone generator, spa temperature last drain and re-fill etc. However after the testing and adjusting period eco clean will take care of your sanitation needs.

ECO-CLEAN ADJUSTMENT DIAL As a starting point please set your adjustment dial to the two o'clock position. Add non chlorine sho2x to build a bromine / chlorine base level. Be careful not to over brominate the water as very high bromine levels can damage your spa. Check the levels in two hours and re-adjust if needed.

FILTRATION SETTINGS Check the owner's manual for instructions on setting filtration cycles on your spas control pad. For light usage (one or two people once or twice per week), a four hour filtration cycle is recommended. For heavier usage six hours will keep a better bromine reading Remember, your generator will only be making sanitizer when the spa is in filtration cycle so if your bromine levels are consistently low you may need to increase your filtration times

BOOST BUTTON The boost button is designed to increase the adjustment dial to FULL for one filter cycle. We have found that it is much more efficient to use Sho2x to increase the bromine levels after use than to use the boost button.


Your salt cell may, over time, need cleaning or replacing . Most cells last about two years but will deteriorate faster if the water chemistry
is not kept correct. To clean the cell, disconnect the power and drain water to about half way or just an inch or so below the cell enclosure.  Remove the side cabinet panel and clear away the foam insulation to expose the cell enclosure. Remove the set screw and gently pull the base of the cell until the unit comes out.   Soak the metal plates in vinegar or diluted acid for 30 minutes. Replace the cell making sure that the rubber o-ring is seated properly in the enclosure. Replace the set screw, re-fill the spa and add salt to 1500 PPM.



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