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Cal Spa Features:

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  • Cal Spas Spa Shell Feature

    Spa Shell Feature

    An 8' x 8' spa will weight about 1,000 lbs. dry. Add 500 gallons of water and four adults, and you can imagine the stresses that can be put on the spa. Cal Spa shells are the strongest and sturdiest in the industry—strong enough to be backed with a 10-year structural warranty.

  • Cal Spas Structural Strength: The World's Strongest Shells

    Structural Strength: The World's Strongest Shells

    From value-minded to high-end, every Cal Spas hot tub is built with our exclusive Fibersteel Construction Process®, creating the world's strongest spa shells. The finest acrylic sheets are vacuum molded into a particular shape, then reinforced with a skin of coat of resin and fiberglass. After curing for four hours to ensure proper bonding, the shell receive a dense filler coat of resin, fiberglass, and fire-retardant aluminum hydrate. Stiffener reinforcement supports and 1-1/4" angled iron are added to principal stress areas to ensure maximum strength. A final filler coat is applied to seal, bond, and reinforce the overall structure. The end result of our Fibersteel Construction Process® is the spa industry's strongest and sturdiest shell.

  • Cal Spas Full-Foam Insulation: Thermal Retention & Solid Support

    Full-Foam Insulation: Thermal Retention & Solid Support

    Full-Foam Insulation: Maximum Thermal Retention & Solid Support Cal Spas offers our optional Exclusive High-Density Thermo-Fill™ Full-Foam Insulation for maximum heat retention, structural support, and lower operating costs.

    • EXCLUSIVE Fibersteel Construction™ produces the world's strongest shells
    • High-Density Thermo-Fill™ Full-Foam Insulation ensures:
      • Fully supported and solidified plumbing to virtually eliminate leaks
      • Maximum heat retention and noise reduction
      • Energy efficiency and cost savings
      • No dead air space for heat escape
    • Handcrafted spa cabinets are made of maintenance-free Cal Select™, premium Clear Redwood, or value-minded Cal Wood™. Panels are recessed into the top and bottom rails for superior structural integrity.
  • Cal Spas Cutting Edge DesignCal Spas Cutting Edge Design

    Cutting Edge Design

    All Cal Spas hot tubs are ergonomically designed for the ultimate hydrotherapy, exercise, entertainment, and relaxation.

    • EXCLUSIVE Pillowsage™ Headrests: Intricately placed nodules on our exclusive Pillowsage Headrests similar to Shiatsu, a time-honored Japanese method of acupressure. Releases blocked tension while reclining against these patent-pending headrests.
    • Contoured Seating: Our lounge, captain, and bench seats are ergonomically molded to cradle your body in comfort.
    • Innovative Fitness Features: Our Ultimate Series™ Swim Spas feature an adjustable current for in-place swimming. Add our Cal Flex™ Fitness Package for a total low-impact exercise regimen in your spa.
    • Advanced Hydrotherapy: The best in jet technology combines with ergonomic styling to provide the ultimate in hydrothermal massage.
    • Comprehensive Selection: From an intimate two-person lounger to an enormous swim spa. Cal Spas offers the perfect aquatic oasis to meet your needs. Our spas are available in round, octagonal, square, triangle and rectangular shapes with bench, lounge and/or captain seating.

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