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How to Pick the Right Ski Boots?

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Purchasing a set of ski boots is the most important part of the whole ski and boot package purchase. Pelican understands that not all boots are the same. That is why you will find a large selection of boots. Our knowledgeable sales staff will expertly fit you with the boot that is appropriate for your foot and skiing style and ability. As with purchasing ski equipment, you should first determine your ability level (see Women's/Men's Skis). And ALWAYS try on Boots with a proper Ski Sock! There are differences and you NEVER want to wear a Cotton Sock!

Ski Boots, How To Pick The Right Ski Boot

Why are Women's Ski Boots different then Men's?

There are several reasons why Obviously a woman's foot and leg are designed differently than a mans – this is taken into consideration when designing a woman specific boot. Typically the foot is narrower and the calf is wider and lower. This is evident in the shape of the boot. You also need to consider the flex of the boot. The flex of a women's specific boot will differ as well. Typically softer, though not always the case, accommodates the smaller frame and weight of a woman.

Boot Flex

Flex in the boot will vary according to category – recreational or performance. A soft flex boot is considered with a rating somewhere between 50-60. An intermediate skier should look for a flex between 70 and 80. Advanced or Expert skiers should consider a stiffer boot with a flex rating between 90 & 110. A rating over 110, will indicate that this boot is most appropriate for an Expert Man or a Racer.

Generally speaking there are 2 categories for ski boots; recreational and performance. Recreational boots tend to be wider, plusher and softer in flex. They are designed for the beginner or intermediate skier. As you increase the performance level of a ski boot, you will most likely find that the boot becomes stiffer and narrower – this is to control the ski more precisely as you transfer energy from your body to the ski. Performance boots will also provide more features to allow for a better fit and enhance comfort.

Boot Fit

The big question – How should my ski boot fit? You want the boot to be comfortabl, but there are some key things you do need to consider. First and most importantly, when you are standing straight in your new boots, your toes should touch the front of your boots. You don't want them cramped or scrunched up, but they should touch. When you bend your knees and get in your skiing stance (feet shoulder width apart and lean forward slightly bending your knees), you will feel your heel pull back and toes pull back from the front of the boot. If your heel pulls up, the fit is not right. Your heel should be snug and not move.

A proper fitting boot not only feels better, but will provide you with better performance and warmth.


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