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Swimming Pool Opening Guide

Pelican would like to welcome you to the wonderful world of owning your own pool! At Pelican, we know that there are lots of questions that you may have in the care and maintenance of your pool. That is why we provide this section to help you find the answers to some of the questions on opening, closing and maintaining your pool. If you don't find the answer to that one question you've been seeking an answer for, please call or email your local Pelican Pool Expert for personalized advice.

Opening Check List

For your convenience please review this check list to determine if you have everything you may need to properly and efficiently re-open your pool for this swimming season.

Water Shock Vacuum Head Test Kits Algaecide
Pool Covers BackWash Hose Clarifier Pool Lounges & Toys
Chemical Dispenser Water Softener New Stainless Clamps Ph Plus
Chlorine Stabilizer New Filter Hoses Phenol Red & OTO Ph Minus
Ring Grease for Connectors Vac Hoses Filter Media Cover Pumps
Floor & Wall Brushes Leaf Nets    

Swimming pool initial start-up procedure

First Day

  • Add Pelican liquid chlorine directly to pool water.
  • Add Pelican concentrated algaecide directly to pool water.
  • Add Pelican Hydro liquid Floc directly to pool water. Run filter approx. 1 hour and shut off. Let pool settle approx. 12-24 hrs. depending on size of pool.
  • Fill pool to very top with water to get ready for vacuuming following day.

Second Day

  • Vacuum to waste position so that all dirty water goes directly out onto yard. Do not allow water to pass back to pool.
  • Refill pool water to proper height
  • Check and adjust PH.
  • Add liquid chlorine directly to pool.
  • Run filter 12 hrs. daily and allow to settle for 12 hours, repeat vacuum procedure.

Third Day

  • Bring sample of pool water to Pelican for follow-up computer analysis and further instructions.

Weekly Check

  • Adjust PH using Pelican test kit and chemicals (note: test kit chemicals should be changed annually)
  • Add Pelican algaecide once a week.
  • Add Pelican Dry Chlorine Daily.
(This is a Basic Guideline. Your pool may require different procedures. Please consult a pool expert for specific questions / details. Pelican will not be held responsible for your pool opening or closing and is released of any liability)


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