In Ground Swimming Pool Closing & Winterization

In Ground Swimming Pool Closing & Winterization

In Ground Pool Closing

  • Closing is Mostly a Reversal of the Opening Process

    Your objective is to remove water from places where it can freeze: pump housing, filter body, heater, and water lines connecting all your equipment.

    WHOA! BEFORE YOU SET ABOUT CLOSING YOUR POOL, YOU MAY NOT HAVE TO! If you live in an area where the temperature rarely drops below 40 or 50 degrees Fahrenheit, you may not need to close your pool. Which means you won't have to open it either. That's good news!

    But what if it freezes at night? Won't I break my pipes and pump and stuff? Answer: on a freezing night where temperatures drop five or ten degrees below 32 degrees, KEEP THE PUMP RUNNING. Moving water doesn't freeze as quickly as still. Besides, the pool water itself is probably ten or more degrees above freezing. So you will be circulating warmer water on those freezing nights. Take your pool dealer's advice. Don't wait till the day of the impending temperature drop to act.

    • Use the section on OPENING as a reference.
    • Clean your filter before you close up.
    • Blow out and fit plugs into the return lines.
    • Remove sight glass and pressure gauge from backwash valve.
    • Add antifreeze as an added precaution if you're unsure if all the water is out of the lines.
    • Remove strainer and skimmer baskets.
    • Remove drain plugs from pump and filter. Be sure you find them all.
    • Add winterizing chemicals and circulate the pool water for at least an hour.
    • Some dealers suggest lowering water level below skimmer. Others suggest keeping it in the middle of the skimmer. Ask your dealer.
    • Drain your heater - if you have one - and disconnect and remove the pressure switch. Disconnect the Chlorinator.
    • Store all the loose fittings, sight glass and pressure gauge in either the skimmer or strainer basket.
    • Put the strainer basket back into the pump housing with the lid on. Keep the skimmer basket in a safe and familiar place.
    • Remove rails and ladders.
    • Turn pump off
    • Use O ring for all plastic treads,fittings and valves.
  • In-Ground Pool Closing

    • Sand filter-clean your filter with filter clean* (D.E. Filter See below #10)
    • Put power shock (non-chlorine winter oxidizer) in skimmer with filter running. Important to use when winterizing your pool. It prevents chlorine locks, break down by-products residue for chemicals used in the summer, prepares water for chemicals next year, and maximizes the effectiveness of pool chemicals
    • Lower water pool to 6" below bottom of skimmer.
    • Put Pelican Winter Kit in the pool. Do not use Chlorine. (Add more of above chemicals in spring just after last freeze).
    • Remove Skimmer basket, weir door, hair and lint in the pot basket, and adjustable flow fittings out of return.
    • Drain filter tank, pump casing, hair and lint pot casting.
    • Blow out all underground lines, using a heavy-duty shop vacuum or a commercial blower (rentals available). When al water is out of skimmer lines, install gizmos in skimmers. Then Blow out return lines, while you are blowing out return lines and you have a good turbulence, then with the blower still blowing, plug your lines. If you have a heater, open all bleeder valves and blow out heater. Remove sight glass; put pool antifreeze in skimmer line, pool lines, main drain lines & return lines. Put gizmos in skimmers.
    • Grease all gaskets, O-rings, and threaded fittings on filter. *If you have a light, remove it and bring on deck.
    • Clean Liner/Tiles at water line with tile/vinyl cleaner. INSTALL YOUR COVER
    • *D.E. Filters- remove finger or elements. Power wash elements or fingers, the soak in a filter cleaner or a muriate solution for two hours. Power was elements or fingers again. Store for winter.
    • Soak cartridge filters in filter cleaner.

In-Ground Pool Closing

(This is a Basic Guideline. Your pool may require different procedures. Please consult a pool expert for specific questions / details. Pelican will not be held responsible for your pool opening or closing and is released of any liability)

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