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How to Pick the Right Snowboard?


The Difference Between Men's and Women's Snowboards

As with Skis, Women's snowboards differ than men's. As we all know, Women are just different, all the right ways of course – and their riding equipment so reflect those differences. Some of the differences you may find in women's snowboards will include: Waist Size, Shorter Board, Softer Flex & Ligher Weight

Snowboard Waist Size

Generally speaking, a woman's foot is smaller than a man's. The foot lies in the center of the board, or the "waist". To accommodate for this, the waist is made smaller. On the flip side, Men with larger scaled feet will want to consider a wider boot so that their boots don't go over the edge of the board.

Shorter Snowboards

Again, generally speaking, overall women tend to be shorter and lighter than men. A shorter board is easier to control. Plus, a women's center of gravity is naturally lower than men. A shorter snowboard will allow for better control by keeping her center of gravity over the edge of the board.

Softer Flex

This is most important for women just beginning to snowboard. A softer flex allows for more forgiveness and requires less power to turn. As you progress in your ability, you may want to advance to a stiffer board. A stiffer board may be more difficult to turn for the beginner, but a more seasoned rider has the power to manipulate the board. Plus, a board that is more stiff allows for better control on more difficulty terrain and at higher speeds.

Lighter Weight

As with flex, a lighter weight board tends to be easier to control and requires less power. Appropriate for beginners and lighter weight riders.

Additional Factors You Need to Consider

There are additional factors you do need to consider when purchasing or renting a snowboard: Ability, Terrain & Riding Style, Sidecut & Flex & Big Feet


Pretty easy to determine – Beginner: from never been to just a few times; Intermediate: ride a few times a year, comfortable on the board, blue squares are not a problem; Advanced: expert terrain, will try anything! Generally speaking, the less advanced you are the lighter, softer you will want your board.

Terrain & Riding Style

Do you like groomers or steeps? Are you stuck on green circles or are black diamonds no problem? Do you spend your time in the Park or are always chasing Speed? Knowing and Providing this information will allow you to narrow down what boards might be best for you. Pelican's snowboard staff can help guide you towards the snowboard that fits your needs.

Sidecut & Flex

Important to consider in the overall ease of use of your snowboard and the amount of Power you have to maneuver the board. If you are a beginner, lighter in weight or for kids – consider a softer flexing board. A softer board requires less power and technique and is more forgiving. Similarly, Park or freestyle riders might also prefer a softer flexing board for ease of maneuverability.

Men with Big Feet

If you have larger feet you will definitely want to consider a Wide board. Wider in the waist of the snowboard will help eliminate your boot toe going over the edge of the board and create drag.


Freeriders, carvers and heavier riders will most likely benefit more from a stiffer board. Stiffer boards allow for more control and grip, especially at higher speeds and on steeps.

The sidecut of a snowboard affects how the snowboard will turn. A general rule of thumb: If you make longer, wide, sweeping turns consider a board with a shallower sidecut. The deeper the sidecut, the easier and faster you will be able to turn the snowboard.

Your Pelican Sales Associate will be able to walk you thru the many differences and guide you to the right purchase for you.

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