How to Pick the Right Snowboard Boots?

How to Pick the Right Snowboard Boots?

How to Pick the Right Snowboard Boots?

Fit is Crucial!

You want your feet to be comfortable and you need your boots to perform. Take the extra time to listen to Pelican's Shop Experts explain the various differences in the different boots and try on few. And ALWAYS try on Boots with a proper Snowboard Sock! There are differences and you NEVER want to wear a Cotton Sock! Some things you will need to consider when buying your Snowboard boots: Men's or Women's Boot, Flex, Lacing System & Heel Hold.

Men's or Women's Boot

We hope that this is easy for you to determine! If you are of the female persuasion, you will want to buy a women's specific snowboard boot. Cut lower in the calf, softer flexing and narrower lasts will give you a better fit than a men's boot. There will be different models available for you depending upon riding style and ability. Your help Pelican Expert will be able to fit you with the boot that best suits your needs!


You will need to consider your riding style. Freestyle riders will prefer a softer, lower cut boot for more flexibility. If you prefer a stiffer boot, consider a Freeride sytle. These boots tend to have a stiffer upper boot for more support and control. If you are an Alpine Rider, a hard boot will be your choice. Similar in look to a ski boot, hard boots provide added support for much more control at high speeds and deep carving.

Lacing System: Traditional, Quick-Pull or Boa?

-A Traditional lace system is a tried and true classic. Just like tying your sneakers, a Lace boot is just the same. You can customize the fit/snugness throughout the boot by simply tightening or loosening the laces the old fashioned way. These boots tend to be less expensive (though not always) and the laces are easy to replace.
-Quick-Pull Systems are faster and easier than laces. Similar to a corset, a quick pull system allows for quick, easy tightening and customization of snugness. Some boots will have just one quick-pull system, some will have two – depends on the style and manufacturer.
-Boa: one of the newest lacing systems, Boa has gained in popularity. Boa systems consist of a cable attached to either one or two dials, used to adjust the fit on the boot. One dial will provide uniform snugness, 2 dials (usually one at the top and the other by the ankle) will allow for more customization.

Heel Hold

Refers to how well the boot holds your heel in place. You don't want your heel pulling up and out when you flex your knees. Power is lost in the transition and your apt to get blisters!

Integration of Boot with Binding

Very important! Not all bindings are created equal. You will want to make sure that your boot fits in your binding. Bindings typically come in sizes (Small, Medium, Large, XLarge) that range with boot/foot size. If your binding is too big or small for your boot, you will have difficulty fitting and adjusting the binding straps. Your Pelican Snowboard Specialist will be able to guide you to the correct size binding.

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