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How to Pick the Right Snowboard Bindings?


A Few Things to Consider When You're in the Market for New Bindings

First, you'll want to know your foot size – this will directly correlate to the size of the binding you want to purchase. Second, do you have a hard boot? Yes, you will need a specific step-in binding. Generally, the population of hard boot riders is very, very small so it's likely you are not one of them. If you are of the general population of soft-boot riders, there are typically 2 types of bindings you will want to consider – Strap and Rear-Entry.
-Strap bindings – the most traditional binding that has been around pretty much from the beginning of the growth of the sport. Ease of adjustment and the ability to control snugness, the strap binding is the most popular choice. Pricing will range depending upon materials used and adjustment ability.
-Rear-Entry bindings – a new concept that has gained in popularity, the Rear-Entry binding is easy to get in and out of, yet still allows for some adjustability. However, adjustability might not be as much as some Strap bindings.

Binding Sizing Chart

Bindings come in sizes, so it is imperative that you know your boot size to get the best fit possible. Sizing will vary slightly from company to company, so make sure you ask your Pelican Snowboard Expert to explain the differences. Generally, bindings will come in Sizes from Small to X-large. Sometimes it is Sm/Med, Lrg/XLrg.

Integration of Boot with Binding

Very important! Not all bindings are created equal. You will want to make sure that your boot fits in your binding. Bindings typically come in sizes (Small, Medium, Large, XLarge) that range with boot/foot size. If your binding is too big or small for your boot, you will have difficulty fitting and adjusting the binding straps. Your Pelican Snowboard Specialist will be able to guide you to the correct size binding.

Other Things You Will Want to Consider

Other things you will want to consider are the highbacks on the binding and the baseplates with the bindings. These features help transfer the power from you to the board. Stiffer backs and plates will equate to a faster response. However, if you are not used to this or are a beginner, fatigue can happen quicker. Communicate with your Shop Expert on your ability and riding style, so that they can properly guide you the binding that will best fit your needs.

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