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Coast Spas Salt SystemCoast Spas Salt System

EcoClean™ Salt Water System Includes O3 One Ozone

Questions about the Salt System?

Coast Spas Salt SystemIs my water going to taste salty?

A common question about salt water systems is if this is a "salt" system is my water going to taste salty? Humans have a salt taste threshold of around 3,500 parts per million. Most chlorine generator systems require a salt content of 1000 – 3000 parts per million.

How does it work?

This may not surprise many of you, but salt generators are actually creating chlorine! Salt chlorine generators work as water travels through a "cell" in the spas circulation system. The cell contains layers of metallic plates that are electrically charged by the generator's power supply. The process of electrolysis converts the salt to a form of liquid chlorine. This creates an instant and continuous source of free chlorine in the water. As the chlorine is used up, it converts back to salt allowing it to be generated into chlorine again.. As the water enters the hot tub, it will introduce the newly produced chlorine which prevents algae, bacteria and micro-organisms. This creates a clean and safe bathing environment.

Why should I buy a salt system?

Using salt water in a hot tub offers many benefits. Here are some of the features that will make salt chlorinator an excellent choice for sanitizing your hot tub.Coast Spas Salt System

-Saves Time

Today most customers purchasing spas with integrated salt systems are being told that all you have to do with "salt systems" is add salt, and the spa will take care of itself . Unfortunately this is not the case, while having s salt system will greatly reduce the amount of time you spend on your spa, you can't just "set it and forget it" .
Monitoring water balance levels is still an important part of spa ownership however a salt system is designed to minimize the amount of time you will need to spend. Five minutes per week is how long I spend maintaining my salt water spa.

-Saves money

Because the system is constantly converting salt into chlorine and then back into salt again, Salt water sanitization systems vastly reduce the amount of money you will spend maintaining the quality of water in your hot tub. In the beginning you will add salt to your water to get the system going but then because salt is not evaporated and is returned to the water you would need to add salt is to make up for loss from splash out or when hot tub water is changed.

-Spa water feels better on your skin

The process of converting salt into chlorine gives the water a softened feel because of the salt content. This results in less drying effect on skin. This actually has the opposite effect of typical hot tub water in that it can help to make your skin feel softer and silky smooth.

-Natural Chlorine has no odor and does not irritate the eyes.

Natural Chlorine has no odor and does not irritate the eyes or damage your hair, but it is the most effective sanitizer available. Active Oxygen is an oxidizer (similar to Ozone) that helps break down organics and destroy bacteria.

-Feel confident that the spa is always sanitized

The one thing that always frustrated me with my traditional bromine system was that from time to time I would get so busy that I would neglect to add sanitizer to my spa. So when I finally got around to making it out to the spa and opened the lid ,I would be blasted with a musty smell and cloudy water. Now with my salt system ,I know that my spa is always clean ready to use.

-It's environmentally safe and natural

Salt Water Systems generates the precise amount of sanitizers for your Spa based on its size and your use level. Since there are no excess chemicals, which often occur when you're dosing manually, your hot tub water should last longer between changes. That conserves water. When you do drain your hot tub, the water has less impact on the environment because only salt has been added to the balanced water.

Can I add salt to my existing hot tub?

There are many systems available today that can be added to your exiting hot tub just by hanging the salt unit over the wall directly into the water of your spa. The obvious downside would be that the unit is floating in the water with you and your guest's .However the not so obvious problem might be that the spa was not originally designed to handle the higher concentration of salt and will deteriorate components of the spa.

-What an Ozone System does

An ozone system uses oxygen to oxidize bacteria in a hot tub. This is the oldest form of water maintenance in the world. Mother Nature has been using oxygen to clean water since the beginning of time. While ozone is an excellent sanitizer health codes require the use of a chemical sanitizer, chlorine or bromine in addition to oxygen – to ensure that harmful bacteria can not develop in a hot tub. For this reason a combination of ozone and chlorine/bromine are suggested as the perfect one two punch for keeping your spa clean and safe.

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